Software Distribution Unsupported executable versions of the programs FRANC2D, CASCA, OSM, FRANC3D/Classic, and BES are distributed freely. Copyright and ownership of the programs remain with the Authors. Users can freely download the programs below. However, neither the Authors, nor the Cornell Fracture Group, nor Cornell University, nor the Sponsors are obliged to provide support or maintenance. Users are obliged to acknowledge the program(s) in all papers or reports where applicable. See full Policy Statement.

FRANC2D FRANC2D models can be created with CASCA, which is a simple pre-processor; we provide the MSWindows version of it. There are some translators available below; the ABAQUS Matlab translator is the most complete and updated. The source code to convert ANSYS, NASTRAN and other FE file formats is old and will likely need to be revised before use. Fatigue life is not functional in the latest version; instead, export the SIF history to compute cycles in Excel or other software. We have an example Excel sheet here that you can use.

FRANC2D Version 4 for MS Windows 64bit (last update Mar 2015)

FRANC2D Version 4 for MS Windows 32bit (last update Mar 2015)

FRANC2D Version 4 for Ubuntu Linux 12.04 64bit (last update Mar 2015)

FRANC2D Version 4 for Ubuntu Linux 12.04 32bit (last update Mar 2015)

FRANC2D/L(ayered) – CU Version for MSWindows & Ubuntu Linux (last update 2010)

CASCA for MSWindows

FRANC2D translators (smalll update made to castofranc.c Jan 18, 2016)

newer FRANC2D translators

FRANC2D v4 tdi and rsi format

FRANC3D / Classic comes bundled with OSM and BES. OSM is a simple pre-processor. BES is a boundary element program that consists of 4 executable files. The MSWindows version only works with Cygwin-X (and likely only Cygwin 1.6). You need to start the Cygwin Xserver and run FRANC3D and OSM from a Cygwin-Xterm window.
To get the BES executables to run automatically from FRANC3D, the PATH environment should include the folder that contains the BES executable files. The Linux version of FRANC3D and OSM software is restricted to 32bit (the code will not compile on 64bit PCs). In addition, the software seems to hang when running in a virtual Ubuntu Linux 12.04 32bit PC. This software has not been modified since 2007, and no further development or bug fixes will be done. It is provided as is and without any further support.

FRANC3D Version 3 for MS Windows & Cygwin 32bit (last update 2007)

FRANC3D Version 3 for Ubuntu Linux 12.04 32bit (last update 2007)

Note that the FRANC3D & OSM documentation is for Version 2.6, while the software is at Version 3.2, so there might be some differences. We do not intend to update the documentation.